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Planes N Hangars is in the final stages of testing before our formal launch. If you would like to place a free add to help us with testing please phone (07) 5408 2999.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Well… simply, we offer the best solution for aviation advertising in Australasia
  • The only truly responsive website designed specifically for the aviation industry
  • The only mobile friendly site viewable on all types of devices from mobiles to PC’s
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Absolutely.  Just give us a call on (07) 5408 2999 so we can let you know what we need.
Here are our recommendations for preparing your images:

  • Firstly try and ensure all your pictures are the same size
  • We recommend pictures be sized to 1024px by 768px
  • Any format should be okay but .jpg files are best
  • If you know how to do it, pictures only need to be 72 dpi
  • is a great site to optimise images. Just browse to your image, set the quality to “small file size”, the max width to “1024”, the max height to “768” and click optimise now. Then just click download and your image is ready to be added to your advertisement here.







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